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Mini Lops....

Mini lops make lively, responsive pets and have friendly distinctive characters. They make excellent pets, but need to live in a home which can provide love, companionship and a safe environment to exercise and play in.

They may look cute and cuddly but can easily be stressed so must be treated with care and respect.  They are not toys! All our rabbits are handled from an early age and have great personalities. Please note our babies are only sold for pets to suitable homes, and not for breeding or exhibiting purposes.  They like to live in pairs as they are very social animals, male and female being the best combination when both have been neutered.  Females can sometimes live happily in twos if neutered and housed together at the same time and given plenty space. 


Our babies are available from around 9 weeks of age  depending on their development. Free information pack and a weeks supply of food with every rabbit.  Advice always freely available.

Good caring homes only.

Please contact us via our web form or on 07811 978893 for sales enquiries or any questions you might have, a variety of pretty colours available.  Pictures coming soon!